Frequently Asked Questions

What does CDL mean? CDL (Commercial Driver License)

Which buses do not require a CDL?
Small: 15 Passengers or Less (No CDL Require)

Which buses require a CDL?

  • Medium: 16-26 Passengers (CDL Required, w/ Passenger Endorsement)
  • Large: 27+ Passengers (CDL Required, w/ Passenger Endorsement)
  • MFSAB**: (Multi-Functional School Activity Buses) 15-30 Passengers

**MFSABs are required by law if the main purpose of the bus is to transport children (i.e., daycares, schools).

What determines the final cost of my bus? Price ranges depend on a number of things, including the size of the bus, the size of seats, options included, manufacturer, etc.

Can we purchase a used bus? Used buses can be available in all categories priced according to year, make, model, size, options, etc.